What this course covers



We’re going to cover everything you need to know – either as a first-time freelancer or an experienced consultant – to find, understand, and successfully engage clients.

We’re going to start by helping you narrow your focus, identify your ideal client, and offer the advice necessary to engage those clients.

After that, we’ll cover how to successfully manage your past, prospective, and existing clients to find more work.

Finally, we’ll help you put these lessons into practice with a marketing system that lets you

  1. Engage and continually pursue new clients in your niche
  2. Regularly acquire new work
  3. Continually focus and refine your offering so you and your business grow alongside one another

One of the biggest mistakes freelancers make when marketing themselves is ineffectively allocating their time and effort for meaningful results. This course is how you prevent that. Instead of expect you to fumble towards something resembling success, we’re going to give you actionable advice and multiple formulas so your time and efforts is effectively applied.

Meet your instructor

I’m Bryce Bladon, a freelancer-slash-consultant with nearly a decade of experience across a wide variety of fields and industries.

In addition to writing several books and teaching courses all about freelancing, I’m the editor-in-chief of Clients From Hell, host of the podcast of the same name, and a regular contributor to .net magazine, Computer Arts magazine, and many, many more places. I also have a monthly column with The Freelancer’s Union, where I answer anonymous freelancing-related questions.

Table of contents

  1. What this course covers
  2. Working with clients
    • Defining your niche
    • Identify and understand your ideal client
    • How to convince clients to work with you
    • Effective outreach
  3. Qualify your clients
  4. Find freelance clients
    • The job-board method
    • Existing contacts
    • Other freelancers
      • Partnering with complementary freelancers
    • Working for free
  5. Networking
    • Similar freelancers
    • Complementary freelancers
    • Events
    • Potential Clients
    • Local community
    • Online networks
  6. Find freelance work
    • Past clients
    • Existing clients
    • Past + existing clients
    • Prospective clients
  7. Where to go from here
    • Growing these systems alongside your business
    • Building authority and expertise
      • Create content
      • Offer a product
      • Do a product takedown